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WUT for All

It does not matter if you are 3 or 63 – it is never too late or too early to study at Warsaw University of Technology.


  • Third Age University (UTW)


Lectures, laboratories, tutorials, workshops – mostly devoted to technical subjects: physics, environmental engineering, car mechanics, railway traffic control and others – are an alternative to intellectual retirement. People over 50, thanks to WUT Third Age University classes, have the opportunity to actively gain knowledge and share their experience.

UTW lectures are divided into thematic sections: “History of Architecture and Arts”, “Culture and the Society”, “Issues of the Elderly”, “Technology Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. Participants also attend artistic and photography workshops, computer and language courses and P.E. classes.

Over 900 participants and 135 hours of classes a week prove great interest of the elderly in keeping intellectually and socially active. “Here I’m learning things I haven’t had time to learn before,” said one of the UTW participants.






  • WUT Junior

Learning through fun is possible. What is light and pleasant does not have to deconcentrate, it may teachA proof of the fact that even an ordinary playground may become a laboratory where we can see with our own eyes what we learn from school coursebooks are the classes organised by employees and graduates of Warsaw University of Technology as part of the WUT Junior programme.


The classes, combining technical teaching with fun, are aimed at pupils of primary and secondary schools. Like at ”a real university”, in the form of lectures and tutorials, young people learn technical subjects, presented in a simple and clear way. Everyone gets his or her own student record book and ID card.


Other popular science initiatives of Warsaw University of Technology which disenchant mathematics, physics and chemistry at schools include:

  • “TECHNO-workshops with WUT”,
  • “ExtraOrdinary Chemistry Lesson”,
  • ”WUT Summer Camp” organised by the Student and Alumni Association of the Faculty of Chemistry,
  • “MiNI Academy of Mathematics” organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science,

as well as a series of exhibitions ”How Does it Work?” and the Festival of Science of a Young Man, held at the Faculty of Physics.



website: http://www.junior.pw.edu.pl