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Office for Research and Strategic Projects


The Office for Research and Strategic Projects (BRPS) is a unit which contributes to the development of the University but it is not a research centre. The activities of BRPS are connected with planning and management of projects strategic for the University.

The Office obtains and disseminates information, at the University, on the possibilities and regulations of applications and settlements of external funds for the University. It also supports various units when applying for funds and then monitors the development of the projects realised. It supervises contacts with representatives of institutions which manage and implement structural funds in Poland.

Tasks of the Office also include issues connected with preparation of long-term action plans in the area of construction investment and plans of realisation of other projects of strategic character for WUT, as well as cooperation with regional units (from the R&D field, entrepreneur organisations and local authorities). The cooperation is aimed at using the synergy effect for technology transfer, promotion and development of innovation and entrepreneurship. 


18/20 Noakowskiego St., Warsaw
Rooms: 122, 124, 125
e-mail: brpspw@ca.pw.edu.pl