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Business - Innovations - Technology (BIT of WUT)

We are proud to present the intellectual potential of WUT’s students, graduates and employees in the new folder entitled “Business - Innovations – Technology”

Warsaw University of Technology has researchers working on a range of scientific topics which are explored in different areas and on different scale. Often the outcome of these helps with development of new technologies or everyday products to come into being.

Here we would like to present the diversity of topics which are of interest to WUT’s researchers.


The implementation of the project will last until March 31, 2020

With food safety and climate change at heart.

Jan Czochralski: father of the world electronics

Photo: The National Digital Archives

His discoveries and ideas changed the face of technology. But his life remains a mystery; his story is more like of an adventure fiction character than that of a renowned scientist. What are the things to know about Jan Czochralski?

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Selfie project

WUT students and their autonomous cars

Millet yoghurt

A student project to fit in with the trend

Good Will Farm (Farma Dobrej Woli)

The project is to build two one-story buildings: an administrative and service building and a residential building, 3D visualization: architectural office KIK ARCHITEKCI

An innovative project dedicated to people with special needs

Electronics that can be printed on clothing

Daniel Janczak, PhD, the creator of the pastes

Business - Innovations – Technology

WUT scientists involved in Mars exploration

HP3 Mole

May 5, 2018, is a date to remember. The date marked the launch of the NASA InSight mission to explore the deep interior of the Red Planet. Making its way to Mars is an instrument called HP3 Mole. The people behind the device include associates of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Meet HAL-062, a Mars rover built by WUT students

A team of the Robotics Student Research Group has created a robot to enter the Mars rover competition University Rover Challenge. The best student-built structures from all over the world will compete on a desert in Utah, USA, in an environment that closely resembles what it is like on Mars.

Proton Dynamic - from Formula Student to Formula 1?

An electric racing car

Business - Innovations – Technology

Gaining better understanding of UV radiation - LUSTRO project

 LUSTRO project's team members

Business - Innovations – Technology

Students are building a motorcycle for an international competition

Business - Innovations – Technology

A drone-focused student research group takes off at WUT

Business - Innovations – Technology

WUT Masters of Cartography and Printing

Memorial plaques commemorating professors

Warsaw University of Technology Anniversary Celebrations is an opportunity to reflect back and appreciate those who earned particular merit for their service to the University. Undoubtedly, such distinguished figures include Prof. Felicjan Zygmunt Piątkowski and Prof. Andrzej Roman Makowski. The commemorative plaques celebrating them were unveiled on 16 November 2017.

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SILO - artificial intelligence in the power sector

Scientists of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, have been working on applications of artificial intelligence in the power sector for 20 years. The product of their efforts, the SILO system, is in use both in Poland and abroad. As the only solution from Poland, the system was exhibited in the “Energy Best Practices Area” pavilion at EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan.

WUT students took second place in the Valeo competition

Maksymilian Krajewski, Krystian Rosłon and Mateusz Zaborski

The project idea of Maksymilian Krajewski, Krystian Rosłon and Mateusz Zaborski from the Warsaw University of Technology was recognised by the jury of the Valeo Innovation Challenge 2017. Their invention took second place in the category of "Technological innovation". As the prize WUT students received 10 000 euro.

WUT graduate who captured the brain in an atlas


Author of over 500 publications, he has several dozen patent applications and 15 patents granted in the United States and 8 in the European Union to his credit. But his most outstanding accomplishment is 35 brain atlases developed with his team. This is what has earned Prof. Wiesław Nowiński a worldwide renown.

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K-dron: an incredible geometric shape


It was small hours of the morning of January 11, 1985 in New York City. The life of Janusz Kapusta, graduate from the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology, was about to change forever; he had just discovered a new geometric shape. 

Analyze the data and learn more about the city

Participants of the Hakaton analyzed city data, photo by Przemysław Biecka

What can you do with data taken from official announcements, information about movement of public transport vehicles, data from mobile networks or cameras? This is what preoccupies members of the VaVeL project, financed from the EU program Horizon 2020. The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science (MiNI) of the Warsaw University of Technology is one of the partners of the project.

Artificial blood vessels or how to help patients with ischaemic heart disease

A team directed by dr inż. Beata Butruk-Raszeja (PhD Eng) of the Faculty of Chemistry and Process Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology is working on coronary prostheses. “We want them to be able to replace impaired vessels,” explains the researcher. Data on cardiovascular diseases has been appalling for years. 

Renewable energy in practice – our students through to the finals

A team of the Non-Conventional Energy Student Research Group has been qualified for the finals of the international competition, EDPR University Challenge, in Poland. “We have worked on the practical application of renewable energy in public transport,” explains Monika Lis, the project coordinator.

Building faster, more cheaply and without mistakes

New technologies are not commonly used in the construction industry yet, but students from the BIMgo Student Research Group, which operates within the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, want to change this. They use their knowledge and passion to develop a non-standard model of a non-standard energy-efficient single-family house.

Syrena Sport – Poland’s automotive icon

It was more than half a century ago that the Warsaw-based Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (“FSO”, the now non-existent Passenger Automobile Factory) saw the birth of a prototype of the car which has mesmerized thousands until this day. One of the key people on the team working on the Syrena Sport sports car was Cezary Nawrot, a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. 

Designing your house like in a computer game

An off-the-shelf design or a bespoke solution in collaboration with an architect; if you dream of your own house, well, those are your two options. But what if you could plan yourself how your dream house would look like, a bit like playing a computer game? Is it at all possible? Krystian Kwieciński, a Ph.D. student of the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology, is going to find out.

Rocket engines built by WUT students – the future of the space industry

Will we soon witness a take-off of a rocket equipped with an innovative engine designed by our students? Incredible as it sounds, this vision may come true thanks to members of the MELprop Propulsion Student Research Group, which operates within the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

An Engineering Journey from Poland to Chile

Bartłomiej Tokarzewski, Dagmara Ćwiek, Karolina Kowal and Tomasz Kolsicki

Four students of the Warsaw University of Technology worked intensively for eight months to design the best possible HVAC system for a weather station building on one of the Diego Ramirez Islands in Chile. It was worth the effort, as the team has won an international competition.