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Business - Innovations - Technology (BIT of WUT)

We are proud to present the intellectual potential of WUT’s students, graduates and employees in the new folder entitled “Business - Innovations – Technology”

Warsaw University of Technology has researchers working on a range of scientific topics which are explored in different areas and on different scale. Often the outcome of these helps with development of new technologies or everyday products to come into being.

Here we would like to present the diversity of topics which are of interest to WUT’s researchers.

The first urban aquaponic farm in Poland

Opublikowano: 28/04/2023 9:48 am

Photo of the first urban aquaponic farm in Poland

Fresh, healthy and organically produced food right next to the house, and - on top of that - right in the city center – that is the main advantage of AquaFarm, which has opened in Wrocław. The undertaking was part of a Polish-Norwegian project in which the Warsaw University of Technology participates.

Glasses for the spine

Opublikowano: 17/04/2023 8:26 am

Photo of the prototype of the glasses’ overlay

Interesting project of our student

An idea for effective removal of the radioactive element

Opublikowano: 28/03/2023 8:29 am

Photo of Artur Kasprzak, PhD

How can the toxicity of cesium, which is frequently used but dangerous both for people and the environment, be dealt with? What can help are nanomaterials containing sumanene. Artur Kasprzak, PhD, from the Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology is currently working on it. He is the only researcher in the world who specializes in such a use of this compound.

PhD students from WUT invented a rapid test for Lassa virus

Opublikowano: 22/03/2023 8:23 am

Photo of the rapid test for Lassa virus

It is biodegradable and provides the result after 15 minutes – such a test detecting the virus that causes Lassa hemorrhagic fever was developed by a team of PhD students from the Warsaw University of Technology.  

Our researchers want to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic cells

Opublikowano: 22/03/2023 8:18 am

Photo of photovoltaic panel

Only a relatively small fraction of the solar radiation falling on photovoltaic cells produces energy. The rest of the energy is lost, mainly in the form of heat. Researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology are working on a material with a negative refractive index, which will not only reduce the heating of the cell, but will also increase the efficiency of energy generation.

Better logistics to help to save urban energy

Opublikowano: 07/03/2023 3:27 pm

Photo of the smart city

Scientists at the Warsaw University of Technology and their foreign partners want to create a platform that will minimise the consumption of energy necessary to deliver goods and services to residents. It will be a central element of modern urban logistics.

An idea from PW can save children’s lives

Opublikowano: 24/02/2023 8:32 am

Photo of the team who is working on the project

A team from the Warsaw University of Technology is working on a device to monitor the vital signs of infants during sleep. The invention is designed to detect signals of cot death and enable a quick response. The project has just been awarded in the thirteenth edition of the nationwide “Student-Inventor” competition.

The LIFT application will help passengers of the Warsaw metro

Opublikowano: 10/02/2023 9:50 am

photo of a person in a wheelchair in front of the gates at the Warsaw metro station

Getting to train or metro stations and moving inside these facilities is often a challenge, especially for persons with special needs. Now PW students want to do their bit to help.

Warsaw University of Technology for new generation electronics

Opublikowano: 10/02/2023 8:16 am

Photo of the processor

New equipment and new possibilities

A buckle that can save a life

Opublikowano: 30/01/2023 8:48 am

The photo of HEMAWI team

Sometimes the simplest solutions can make a big difference. WUT students have developed a seatbelt buckle that makes it possible to undo a seatbelt even when the standard mechanism breaks down.

A student vision of the expansion of Płock zoo

Opublikowano: 20/01/2023 2:49 pm

Visualization of the expansion of the zoo in Płock

Students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Petrochemistry have developed a concept for the expansion of the Municipal Zoological Garden in Płock. New facilities with a leisure zone would be built on the slope of the Vistula River escarpment. 

How not to give in to too much information?

Opublikowano: 19/01/2023 8:26 am

Photo of the room filled with seated people

New international project coordinated by WUT

Work on the PW-Sat3 satellite is drawing to a close

Opublikowano: 13/01/2023 10:30 am

Visualisation showing the PW-Sat3 satellite in space

The launch of the third student satellite from the Warsaw University of Technology is planned for early 2024. The main mission of PW-Sat3 will be to test the propulsion system that will make the device burn up faster in the atmosphere, reducing space litter.

Why do we choose the car, not public transport?

Opublikowano: 04/01/2023 8:03 am

Photo of the Old Town in Warsaw

Experts from Poland and Norway are collecting and analysing information that will help understand how people travel around cities. The conclusions will be used to define actions that would promote a wider use of environmentally-friendly means of transport. The work is performed by a team from the WUT Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, headed by Professor Maciej Grzenda.

Recipe for real 3D imaging

Opublikowano: 21/12/2022 12:44 pm

Photo of the holographic laboratory

Researchers from the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University of Technology and Białystok University, thanks to their cooperation with Japanese and Dutch scientists, have proposed a novel method of recording 3D holographic images. The results of their work were published in „Nature Communications”.

Students develop self-balancing microgrids. This is the future of energy

Opublikowano: 19/12/2022 8:32 am

Photo of Katarzyna Połczyńska and Teodor Sawicki who are standing at the poster

Teodor Sawicki and Katarzyna Połczyńska from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering and the Power Engineering Student Research Group have developed a project of a microgrid powered only with renewable energy sources. Such a solution could provide energy self-sufficiency for buildings and even for cities. 

Energy transformation according to WUT physicists

Opublikowano: 19/12/2022 8:24 am

Photo of batteries

Work on materials important for energy storage and conversion has become particularly important in recent times. This has been influenced by the changes and challenges facing the modern world. How do the activities of researchers at the Faculty of Physics of Warsaw University of Technology fit into this strategic research trend?

WUT ideas take over the world of batteries

Opublikowano: 29/11/2022 8:33 am

Photo of a few members of the team that deals with battery technology at the Faculty of Chemistry. People are leaning over computer

How many times have you heard that Polish scientists create publications and receive patents that only a few specialists know of? A team from the Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Chemistry shows that our solutions may become a breakthrough, be recognized internationally and introduced to the market.

James Dyson chooses a smart dressing from WUT

Opublikowano: 16/11/2022 9:24 pm

Photo of Piotr Walter, MSc. Eng., Dominik Baraniecki, MSc. Eng. and Tomasz Raczyński, MSc. Eng.

SmartHEAL, a smart dressing created by graduates and currently PhD students, won the James Dyson Award competition. The solution is to help heal chronic wounds.

WUT students build the future of sustainable transport

Opublikowano: 04/11/2022 9:35 am

Photo of the winning team from the Faculty of Chemistry

A students team from the Faculty of Chemistry has won the competition ”Drive Innovation – Future of Sustainable Transport”. They have proposed limitation of exhaust fumes with the use of third-generation PV cells.

Research at WUT takes the astronautics’ world by storm

Opublikowano: 28/10/2022 11:15 am

Photo of people from the Warsaw University of Technology standing by the inscription IAC 2022

Our students, doctoral students and WUT staff have been developing space projects for years. They shared the results of their latest works during the 73rd International Astronautical Congress. Representatives of the University of Technology talked about rockets, Earth exploration, communication and power systems in space and an interesting use of artificial intelligence.

WUT student’s idea will help in creating maps based on satellite images

Opublikowano: 28/10/2022 10:55 am

Photo of Szymon Bogus on the background of the project's presentation at the International Astronautical Congress

The widespread use of cars poses a challenge in organizing traffic in cities. It also makes it difficult to work on maps created from satellite pictures. Szymon Bogus from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology has found a solution to this problem. Artificial Intelligence has turned out to be the key to success.

An idea for how to support the health care system

Opublikowano: 21/10/2022 6:59 pm

Photo of Oliwia Makowiecka, Igor Anczykowski, Jakub Sobolewski, Mateusz Szczęsny and Dr Karolina Maria Nowak of the Medical Research Agency

A drug management system developed by students of Warsaw University of Technology won the e-Health Hackathon programming marathon.

WUT at the head of a project investigating hate speech and fake news

Opublikowano: 14/10/2022 8:28 am

Photo of the man who is reading information on the tablet

Read more about the research

A new way to design medicine

Opublikowano: 05/10/2022 4:34 pm

Image showing designed molecules at the protein binding site

A team from the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology has developed a new medicine design procedure that can be applied when there is little experimental data available on the molecular mechanisms of a disease or ways to treat it. The developed procedure is the result of the work of student Stanisław Kulczyk and associate professor Dr. Mariola Koszytkowska-Stawińska.