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WUT team wins the international hackaton TomTom n.EXT

Photo of the phone presenting the app Charge&Go

Almost 80 students competed in the hackaton

Mateusz Białek, Kamil Choromański and Jakub Łobodecki from the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography created an app which opens up new possibilities for electric car users.

– The app Charge&Go is a solution to the problem of waiting around for the electric car to get charged during longer trips – Kamil Choromański explains.

At present each trip like this includes an obligatory break to charge the car battery. What are the driver and passengers supposed to do during this time?

The WUT team’s app answers this question.

– It allows to define the route taking into account both the need to charge the car and interesting places to visit during this process – Kamil Choromański says.

The user decides which objects (e.g., museums, parks or good restaurants) he is interested in and the app will define the route so that it is possible to visit them while charging the car. The solution means that this boring waiting time for the car to be ready to drive may be replaced with discovering new interesting places.

Almost 80 students took part in the hackaton. They came from the United States, India, the Netherlands, Poland, so from countries which have branches of the company TomTom, which specialises in producing navigation systems.

Users had five days to create a solution to one of the three challenges: how can drivers deliver things, food and transport people in a more efficient way, how can TomTom help drivers enjoy their time when charging an electric vehicle and how can TomTom make trips of motorcyclists travelling in a group safer and more enjoyable.