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WUT students with glut of medals for students' aircraft

Photo of the students from the team from the SAE AeroDesign Science Club

Our representatives are among the world leaders in the construction of aircraft, photo: Facebook / SAE AeroDesign Warszawa


The next great achievement

The team from the SAE AeroDesign Science Club is reliable. In international competitions in the United States, they won as many as seven prizes, including three for the first place.

After the March successes in Florida in the SAE Aero Design East (five medals), it was time to start in Texas in the SAE Aero Design West. The students of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering did a great job there!

They completely dominated the competition in the Micro class (for small aircraft, among others - with power and span restrictions). They won the general classification, were the best in flight (completing the set mission) and in technical presentation. They also took second place for the technical report.

The aircraft was to transport a static ballast – boxes with set dimensions and develop as much speed as possible. Our designers decided on a futuristic-looking delta configuration. 

Photo of the Micro class aircraft in flight

Micro class aircraft in flight, photo: Facebook / SAE AeroDesign Warszawa

In the Regular class (where the ban on the use of composite elements is one of the most important guidelines), PW students stood on the third step of the podium three times: in the general classification, for completing the mission and for the technical report. In the technical presentation they ranked fourth.

This year's Regular class aircraft is the largest model in the history of the SAE AeroDesign Wheel – the wingspan is as large as 5.5 m! Our students used balsa wood and birch plywood in their construction. The most loaded elements were made of aerospace aluminum alloy, and where necessary, they decided to use titanium. 

Photo of the Regular class aircraft in flight

Regular class aircraft in flight, photo: Facebook / SAE AeroDesign Warszawa

– We are mega proud of our team – is a sum-up comment made by our designers.

Now it's time for a moment of joy and… more challenges.

The SAE Aero Design competition is attended by student teams from all over the world involved in the construction of remotely controlled aircraft. The WUT representatives have been at the forefront there for years.

SAE Aero Design West took place on April 14–16, 2023. Warsaw University of Technology was represented by a team consisting of: Bartosz Zięzio (chairman of the SAE AeroDesign Science Club), Michał Włodarczyk (regular class coordinator), Justyna Pluta (micro class coordinator), Piotr Garbowski (micro class coordinator), Julia Lesiuk, Monika Mederska, Jakub Romanowski, Antoni Derda, Wojciech Kluczyk and Piotr Godlewski.