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WUT students will build an electric car for the disabled

Over 25 people work on the e-MaksPower project

No one in Poland has constructed such a vehicle yet. A team consisting of representatives of 4 research group operating at the Warsaw University of Technology took up the challenge. The fundraising for the project is in progress.

Students want to independently design and build a car. It will be fully controllable with the help of a joystick allowing control of a driving unit, steering system and brakes. – In short, the vehicle will be fully controllable by the joystick – explains Łukasz Krawczuk vel Walczuk, e-MaksPower’s project manager.

The driving unit, in accordance with the new trends in the automotive industry, will be fully electric.

Students will conduct a series of functional and anthropometric tests. This will allow them to construct a vehicle adapted to people with limited range of motion.

The car will have an aerodynamic skin designed and specially adapted for this type of construction.

Over 25 people work on the e-MaksPower project. They are members of the Vehicle Aerodynamics Students Academic Circle, the ADek, the Robot Academic Circle and the SmartCity Interfaculty Academic Circle. – We decided to join forces and use our skills and experience to create something bigger – says Łukasz Krawczuk vel Walczuk.


– The first version of the vehicle limited in terms of power will cost less than 50,000 PLN. We want to collect most of the funds on the crowdfunding platform (polakpotrafi.pl) – explains Kamil Sobiszewski, leader of the finance and cooperation development team.

Payments can be made at https://polakpotrafi.pl/projekt/e-makspower. The collection will last until March 6, 2018.