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WUT students before the SAE Aero Design competition - a new blog entry

Last year at the Florida competition

Last year at the Florida competition, source: SAE AeroDesign Warszawa

They know aircraft design and construction in and out. Soon after many months of hard work, they will travel to the United States to show their latest constructions, gain experience and rewards.

It is quite untypical for a student research group to start working on a project already during the summer break rather than in October when the academic year starts. But this is how they do it at the SAE AeroDesign Inter-Faculty Student Research Group operating at the WUT Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering. The aim is to have the structures ready in early spring for the next international competition for aircraft designers.

This year, SAE Aero Design will be held 6 through 8 April in Van Nuys, California. Our students are setting off to the US one and a half week earlier, on March 27. They will add the final touches and do the testing already on site.

They will compete in all three Classes: Micro, Regular and Advanced, which means that they have three aircraft prepared for the competition. Each of them must meet certain specific requirements. An additional challenge is an annual update to the rules for one of the Classes.

Our students can talk about airplanes for hours, and their knowledge on the subject really makes an impression. Get to know them and read the latest blog entry on WUT Square blog.