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WUT graduate who captured the brain in an atlas


Prof. Nowiński decided to use his own brain for the study fot. pixabay.com

Business. Innovation. Technology

Author of over 500 publications, he has several dozen patent applications and 15 patents granted in the United States and 8 in the European Union to his credit. But his most outstanding accomplishment is 35 brain atlases developed with his team. This is what has earned Prof. Wiesław Nowiński a worldwide renown.

Despite no formal medical qualification, as a scientist, he explores medical issues. He graduated in the field of Electronics from Warsaw University of Technology, then he was awarded a doctoral degree from Lodz University of Technology and then the habilitation qualification from the Polish Academy of Sciences. In 1991, he left for Singapore. That was where he worked on his major projects, the brain atlases.

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