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The success of WUT students at SAE Aero Design in the US

WUT Team

It is not the first time when WUT students participated in SAE Aero Design competition, source: Facebook

SAE Aero Design competition in California has been completed. The team from WUT took the third place in the general classification in the Advanced class, 1st place for the technical presentation in this class and third place for the accuracy of the drop.

"As you can see, our work has not been in vain. Now we will have a break and then we are back to work with full power!" - students summarize on their Facebook page.

At the competition in the United States (6-8 April), our University was represented by a 12-person team from the InterdepartmentalScientific Organisation SAE AeroDesign operating at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering. The students took part in all three competition classes: Micro, Regular and Advanced (they went to California with three previously constructed planes).

Our students can talk about airplanes for hours, and their knowledge on the subject really makes an impression. Get to know them and read the latest blog entry on WUT Square blog.