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The first prize in a photo competition for WUT employee

One of the photos that impressed the jury of the international competition, photo by PhD Krzysztof Koszewski

PhD Krzysztof Koszewski, Vice-Dean for Studies at the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology, during his stay in Beijing, made a series of photographs on architectural topics. His photographs were appreciated by the jury of the competition organized by the eBeijing portal and awarded him the first place.

PhD Krzysztof Koszewski in October 2017 on behalf of the Rector of Warsaw University of Technology signed the contract Belt and Road Architectural University Consortium. During his stay in Beijing, he immortalized the beauty of local architecture in the pictures. For the series of four photos he received the main prize at the international competition "Beijing in the eyes of foreign friends".

PhD Krzysztof Koszewski is an architect, graphic designer and photographer. For many years, he has been consolidating his observations of the surrounding world by photographs. He publishes his photographic stories on Instagram as krzys.ko.

The Belt and Road Agreement of the Architectural University Consortium aims is to create a consortium which activities will facilitate the science and teaching exchange between its members, conducting didactics and research in the field of architecture and urban planning. As part of the cooperation, it will also be possible to exchange students between universities - members of a consortium. The initiative taken by the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA) already covers 44 countries, including Poland, Russia, USA, Great Britain, Greece, Nepal and Israel.