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The Space Exploration Masters Prize for Polish engineers

The prize winners with their awards, photo: abmspace.com

The Polish project of an intelligent solar sail concept "Golden Fleece" won the European Space Agency's competition. Students of the Warsaw University of Technology are also involved in the winning project.

During the Space Exploration Masters Gala, the Sustainable Exploration Prize was awarded to a project implemented by Polish technology companies: ABM Space, Amepox and young specialists from the Warsaw University of Technology from the team working on the PW-Sat2 satellite. At the gala our University was represented by Inna Uwarowa, a PhD student at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, head of the student project of the PW-Sat2 satellite and Account Manager at ABM Space.

The awarded project, an intelligent solar sail concept, its active structure provides increased control and performance and allows partial integration of spacecraft electronics with the sail base. The technology is developed for present deep space system integrators, future space mining and exploration integrators, as well as for EX-PL Consortium ARGO FLEET space mining probes.

Source: Nauka w Polsce