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The Land of Honey - city apiary at the WUT

Łukasz Boruc, PhD, while setting up the apiary, photo: CEZAMAT

Three hives have appeared at the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT to support the bee population. The university apiary was created thanks to a project submitted to the WUT Participatory Budget.

‘I love community service, so when the second edition of the University participatory budget was launched, I knew I would submit my idea’ - says Daria Grzesiek, the author of the bee project, who deals with the promotion in the IDUB Project Office on a daily basis. – ‘I observed as other universities began their adventure with apiaries, and I found that such an idea could also take place at the University of Technology. It really hit the spot, the project proved to be the second most frequently voted for by our community, I did not even have to invest time in promoting it’ - she recalls.

The visitors of CEZAMAT can admire three hives, inhabited by approx. 75,000 bees. Their location is by no means accidental. The area where they reside is far from the city noise, is surrounded by a lot of greenery, and the bees do not pose any threat to CEZAMAT’s employees and visitors. The university apiary will be looked after by Łukasz Boruc, PhD, associated with Pszczelarium - not only a beekeeper, but also an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

It will soon be possible to observe the work of the bee family also remotely. A camera is going to be placed near the hives, which will enable people to watch the bees working on honey production.

As part of the Participatory Budget of the Warsaw University of Technology, three other projects have also been submitted for implementation:

  • MiNI World of Entertainment,
  • Revitalization of the Student Movement Center,
  • Relax at the faculty - open space for students.

We will report on the progress in implementing the ideas selected by the WUT community in the following articles.