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Tell us what you think – #powiedzPW Student Survey

The survey’s slogan is "#YourOpinion matters at #YourUniversity"

The survey’s slogan is "#YourOpinion matters at #YourUniversity"

The Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management (CZIiTT), Research and Analysis Department has launched a new instalment of the #powiedzPW Student Survey. This time students can say what they think about dormitories.

The survey is designed to facilitate efficient and effective communication between students and the University authorities. It helps better understand the student perspective on educational, organizational and cultural issues. All feedback provided via the questionnaire is collected and reviewed by the CZIiTT Research and Analysis Department and then published as infographics on the CZIiTT website.

The current questionnaire on dormitories is available for completion at: http://bit.ly/PowiedzPWDomyStudenckie.

The #powiedzPW Student Survey is held under the patronage of the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, WUT Professor Janusz Walo, PhD, DSc, Eng.