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Scientific support for the extension of gardens in European cities

Photo of the roof garden

Scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences involved in the project, photo: pixabay

An international and interdisciplinary team of researchers from Spain, Poland, Romania and Sweden will promote development of city gardens and agroforestry. The work of Polish scientists is managed by Maciej Lasocki, PhD, Arch., from the WUT Faculty of Architecture.

Urban gardens are a key element of traditional urban and peri-urban landscapes of the main European cities. Apart from food production and consumption, they bring a number of benefits: social, cultural, territorial and environmental. Therefore, scientists have decided to support this solution, perceiving it as a key element of sustainable development of European urban areas.


The scientists wish to promote various experiences of urban gardening, develop the skills of citizens, enforce local structures and societies. They are going to develop a participation model of managing urban gardens and ensure good conditions for business innovation on the agroecological market. It is also planned to evaluate the impact of urban gardens on the life of cities in the social, environmental and cultural context and to develop an IT tool to support taking decisions on location of urban gardens.

The actions will be performed in all four countries involved in the project, taking local needs into account.

Polish contribution

The Polish team made up of scientific staff and doctoral students from the Warsaw University of Technology and the Warsaw University of Life Sciences will evaluate the conditions of development of gardening and agroforestry in urban areas. The studies will be conducted in Warsaw.

– The work will result in a knowledge database to support spatial and climate policy of Warsaw authorities, explained Maciej Lasocki, PhD, Arch. – The database will also be used to test an IT tool that supports planning decisions.

Moreover, the Polish scientists will investigate the effects of experimental application of the model ”Urban Living Labs” through cooperating with NGOs working towards social gardens.

The project "U-GARDEN: Promoting capacity building and knowledge for the extension of urban gardens in European cities" was awarded in the international competition ENUTC: ERA-NET Urban Transformation Capacities, organized by the network JPI Urban Europe.

The Polish team comprises: Maciej Lasocki, PhD, Arch. – head (Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture), Beata Gawryszewska, PhD (Warsaw University of Life Sciences), Kinga Zinowiec-Cieplik, PhD (Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture), Magdalena Grochulska-Salak, PhD, Arch. (Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture).