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Restoration work in Politechnika Square

The work is planned to be completed by mid-October 2021.

The work is planned to be completed by mid-October 2021.

The seat of our University is not only WUT’s symbol but it is also an important monument in Warsaw. Now restoration work is underway in order to bring back the beauty of the decorative elements of the building and its surrounding area.

‘The Main Building is the central spot on the map of the University: it is the venue of the most important events and meetings,’ says Professor Krzysztof Zaremba, WUT Rector. ‘I know that it is highly valued not only by our students and employees but also by tourists. At present, due to the pandemic, it is used less often, which makes it a good time to perform the necessary renovation of the decorative elements and bring them back to their full glory.’

‘The renovation covers repairs and restoration of stole lamps, walls and stairs at the entrance to the building, replacement of some granite paving stones, inspection of the sculptures decorating the building and parts of the front pediment in the Main Building, with a plan to repair them, if needed,’ explains Krzysztof Dziedzic, PhD, WUT Chancellor. ‘We are planning to complete the work by mid-October 2021. Despite the restoration work, the Main Building remains open and can be accessed through one entrance from the Politechnika Square.’

The building is open to the WUT community from Monday to Sunday, 6:00-19:00, under sanitary and epidemic restrictions. At present, due to the epidemic situation, sightseeing of the building by people from outside the University is limited. For the duration of the restoration work, using the drive and part of the square outside the building is also restricted. All visitors are requested to take special care.