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Passion for travelling - new blog entry

When they were hitchhiking, drivers often invited them to stay at their places, photo: Janusze Podróży

WUT student set off on a hitchhiking trip to China

The idea of the trip came from Janusz Ozdowski, a student at the Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences, Warsaw University of Technology. He published a post suggesting a trip together in a Polish hitchhiking group on Facebook. Joanna Ściebura, who is a student of Lodz University of Technology, signed up. “We hadn’t known each other before the trip,” says Janusz. “Having to get on with a complete stranger for 60 days as we did was hard at times. At some points we fell out with each other but we had to make peace as soon as we started. At the end of our journey, me met a guy from Poland on the road; his name was Florek and he was a WUT student too. Thus, we had another one to chat in Polish with.”

During their 60-day trip, Janusz and Asia supported Fundacja Spełnionych Marzeń / Dream Come True Foundation. Anyone who wanted to get a postcard from the students could make a payment of PLN 20 or more to the Foundation’s bank account. “I got in touch with the Foundation through a friend of mine, Joanna Zakrzewska,” says Janusz. “That’s where the idea to help the charity’s clients came from. Those who made a transfer were sent a postcard from the country of their choice.”

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