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Our students awarded in the architectural competition MICROHOME

Visualization of the project showing the inhabitants of the house preparing jam

”Gathering House”, project authors: Łukasz Danilczuk, Zuzanna Derska and Urszula Jędrzejak

The project of Faculty of Architecture students was awarded the third prize in the sixth edition of the competition MICROHOME. ”Gathering House” facilitates integration and makes contact with nature easier.

The competition is organized by the platform Buildner, in partnership with Archive Books. Its goal is to stress the importance of small architecture in the face of a housing, economic and climate crisis. Participants may submit projects of modular construction where a young couple could live. The total floor area could not exceed 25 m2.

The third prize was awarded to Łukasz Danilczuk, Zuzanna Derska and Urszula Jędrzejak from the Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Architecture for their project “Gathering House”. Their concept combines small houses with common gardens which can fit in urban housing developments.

”Gathering House” concentrates on solving the problem of scarce relations between people living in larger communities. – We have created a surrounding which facilitates making and maintaining relations. Moreover, our project is a reflection of the willingness to keep up traditions rooted in Polish culture, such as gathering around the table and perceiving the kitchen as the heart of the house – the students say.

Project visualization showing residents doing gardening work together in the courtyard

Residents may do some gardening and then prepare a meal together

As the competition jury points out, the project is a response to urban blocks - over-scaled central courtyards that have a tendency to promote isolation. The concept offers an opportunity to infill these empty spaces with small-scale homes and community gardens, which could yield: higher density living, access to nature, and community programmes for closer social integration.

Nature and versatile hospitality are connected with access to necessary services and being surrounded by a large population. Community gardens, orchards and public pavilions give elderly residents an opportunity to connect with young people living in the microhouses.

Visualization of the project showing houses in the evening and a cyclist standing next to them

Houses in the evening

– Architecture is for us a form of expression on a large scale. It is about creating spaces and structures, which do not only serve a purpose, but also evoke emotions, tell stories and reflect the culture and values of a society – the project authors stress.

More information about the competition may be found at: architecturecompetitions.com.