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It works to become an entrepreneur! – a new blog entry

Konrad is the man behind the “Before I Die” event which took place in 2015 at the Warsaw University of Technology, source: BANG Photo

Konrad Pawlak is a 23-year-old graduate from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Warsaw University of Technology. In the latest blog post, he talks about how to be enterprising, where to get inspiration and motivation to work.

He has always been a man of business. As a kid back in elementary school he would buy bubble gum with collectible figures by the dozen. Then, he would resell them to his schoolmates at a profit. His first “business” got him a warning in the report card.

In 2015, Konrad created the biggest Poland’s “Before I Die” event, which was covered in this blog. A year later, within just 15 hours, Konrad opened up an online store of the DZIK DZIKI brand targeting animal and pet lovers. “I decided to focus 100% on DZIK and quitted all my other projects,” says the young businessman. “Within a year, another brand was born, Miś Warszawski (Warsaw Bear).”

More about his work and plans for the future Konrad talks in the latest blog entry in the #WUTpeople series on WUT Square blog.