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"I want to infect people with passion for books" - new blog entry

Paweł Dębowski with two popular YouTubers – Kasia Mecinski and Krzysztof Gonciarz, photo: P42 FB

Paweł Dębowski, a YouTuber and creator of P42, a popular book channel, and a technical physics student at the Faculty of Physics at WUT. In the new blog entry, he tells us about his passion for books, his beginnings on YT and how to stand out from millions of others.

Paweł's love to books was inspired by his parents - I remember my parents would read to me when I was a child - says Paweł. - Then I was given various books to read myself. Sometimes I read more, sometimes less. I was also extremely lucky to come across two or three titles that showed me the books we read for school is not always the kind of literature you read for pleasure.

He recorded his first YouTube movie at the age of 17. In this way, he combined his passion for books with the desire to meet other YouTubers who also love to read.

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