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GKP Aero: an innovative WUT spin-off at the Przasnysz airfield

GKP Aero was set up by faculty members of the WUT Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

GKP Aero was set up by faculty members of the WUT Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

A group of WUT scholars has set up a start-up to commercialize innovations in aeronautical engineering. This is an outcome of University investments in the Przasnysz District.

GKP Aero Sp. z o.o. was established on June 1, 2020 and its members include scholars of the Warsaw University of Technology and the University itself (through its special purpose vehicle, Instytut Badań Stosowanych Politechniki Warszawskiej Sp. z o.o., represented by Prof. Janusz Lewandowski, Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng.). The company’s objects are related to the WUT’s investment at the Przasnysz airfield and the company was formed to address the need for commercialization of research.

“A project called a ‘Research and Implementation Test Site in the Przasnysz District’ has been rolled out for almost two years and an investment in modern research infrastructure worth nearly PLN 33.5 m is being made at the airfield. In addition, we are carrying out various research in unmanned aerial vehicle support for agriculture, aeronautics, mechanics and space technologies. Now it’s time to commercialize it,” says Professor Robert Głębocki, President and CEO of GKP Aero, a project manager at the WUT Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

Research projects and new jobs

Besides commercialization of the WUT’s research, the company will be engaging in own research, a significant part of which is to be carried out at the Przasnysz airfield. The company intends to create new jobs. Candidates with background in aeronautics, modeling and mechanics and other will be wanted. “An application is underway for funding under the National Centre for Research and Development’s Fast Track competition for a project on drone applications in agriculture and forestry. These will be innovative animal detection and crop protection technologies,” says Rafał Perz, Ph.D., M.Sc., Eng., Board Member of GKP Aero.

For more information about this undertaking, please contact Rafał Perz, Ph.D., M.Sc., Eng.