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Award in the competition "Innovations for Security and Defense"

The radar is mounted on a trailer adapted to be drawn by a passenger car

The SZURAD short-range noise radar demonstrator took the second place in a competition organized by portal-mundurowy.pl.

Competing for the prize were 42 solutions related to security and defense, at various stages of technological advancement, described in the catalogue „Innowacje – Wdrożenia – Bezpieczeństwo – Obronność” 2021.

The WUT demonstrator is a response to a problem known in radiopositioning – the detection of the enemy's radar and determination of its purpose.

The noise radar technology used by our researches transmits bursts of pulses with pseudorandom filling and pulse envelope with relatively low peak power and long duration.

‘The device has been designed to detect objects moving at high speed, which means that it can be used for defense against missiles or for their guidance’ – explains the project manager, Łukasz Maślikowski, PhD, from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology.

Additional advantages of the demonstrator include low power consumption and small dimensions, increasing mobility. Ultimately, the system can be easily integrated with any telecommunications network that provides remote control and transmission of radar observation results.

The developed SZURAD demonstrator, designed to work in the L-band, is one of the most technologically advanced noise radars in the world. For now it is a prototype, though.

The radar is mounted on a trailer adapted to be drawn by a passenger car. It has an antenna cabin lifted by an electric actuator. The mechanical system enables sectoral mechanical scanning of the antenna in the azimuthal direction. A separate unit is made up by a computing server connected to the platform by fiber optic lines. The system is powered by single-phase power supply.

The demonstrator was made as part of the project: “Short range noise radar with electronically steered beam for detection and tracking of missiles –SZURAD”, implemented in 2016-2020 by the Institute of Electronic Systems of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology, and financed by the National Center for Research and Development.

Further information on the site portal-mundurowy.pl