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A student, Mister WUT and a illusionist in one - a new blog entry

One of the performances of the young illusionist during M&M WUT Gala, photo: Klub Filmowo-Fotograficzny FOCUS

Maciej Piskorz, a student of the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography, last year, he (literally) put the judging panel under his spell with his personal charm and was named 2016 Mister WUT.

He became Mister WUT by a coincidence - It was a year after my term on the Student Council. My friends were holding a faculty-wide candidate selection for the pageant – says Maciej Piskorz. – They had few entries so I decided to help out and join in to encourage others to follow. As it happened, I won. And on top of that, during the first planning meeting, I learned that stage magic will be the theme of the event!

Maciej's love to illusion was inspired by his father, who showed him the first trick with a string -  he would wind the rope around his fingers very tightly and then the rope would slide down all his fingers with one snap.

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