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Electronics that can be printed on clothing

Daniel Janczak, PhD, the creator of the pastes

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“I go to Ministry meetings by bike” - a new blog entry

Rector Walo ran the Ekiden Relay Marathon on May 12, 2018, source: Twitter ProrektorPW

A WUT professor, community activist and cycling enthusiast. In 2016, he was appointed WUT Vice-Rector for Student Affairs. In the new blog entry, Janusz Walo tells us about his standard day and when he can relax.

Radio workshop for international students

 The Center for Social Communication of the City of Warsaw is organizing a special radio workshop. The aim of the workshop is to bring together an international community which will co-create a multilingual integrating radio.

WUT - the third best University in Poland

Ranking of the Higher Education Perspektywy 2018

Two WUT teams to enter Shell Eco-marathon Europe

WUT Team

Our students’ participation in Shell Eco-marathon is already a tradition. This time, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London will see two structures from the Warsaw University of Technology, both built by the members of the Vehicle Aerodynamics Student Research Group operating at Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

WUT in Emerging Economies University Rankings

The Main Building

In the newest ranking of the best universities from emerging countries, the Warsaw University of Technology takes the third place among all Polish universities and the 173rd position in whole ranking.

WUT among the best universities in New Europe

Students in the Main Building

The Times Higher Education journal has put together a ranking of the best universities in the so-called New Europe, or the countries which joined the European Union in the 21st century. The Warsaw University of Technology ranked 16th in this group.

Meet HAL-062, a Mars rover built by WUT students

A team of the Robotics Student Research Group has created a robot to enter the Mars rover competition University Rover Challenge. The best student-built structures from all over the world will compete on a desert in Utah, USA, in an environment that closely resembles what it is like on Mars.

Wojciech Bógdał became the International Champion

The student of WUT Branch in Plock has won the World Paramotor Championships in Thailand.

May at WUT

May at WUT

Check out what May hides

WUT and TUL students are winners of 2018 Imagine Cup National Finals

Students from Wavy

Artur Seliga of the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) who teamed up with the students of Lodz University of Technology (TUL): Damian Perydzeński, Jakub Wujek, Marcin Lenarczyk and Michał Andrzejczak has won 2018 Imagine Cup Poland National Finals. In July, they will be off to the United States to represent Poland in the World Finals.

Proton Dynamic - from Formula Student to Formula 1?

An electric racing car

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The best engineering studies in Poland at WUT

The Main Building

The results of the Ranking of the Engineering Studies Perspektywy 2018 have been announced.

The success of WUT students at SAE Aero Design in the US

WUT Team

SAE Aero Design competition in California has been completed. The team from WUT took the third place in the general classification in the Advanced class, 1st place for the technical presentation in this class and third place for the accuracy of the drop.

WUT in Webometrics Ranking

The Main Building

The Warsaw University of Technology is the third university in Poland in the "Web of Universities" ranking. Higher positions were held by the University of Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University were in front of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Gaining better understanding of UV radiation - LUSTRO project

 LUSTRO project's team members

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From WUT to an international carrier – a new blog entry

Project SANTOS-81, source: Adriano Yassin

He was a transferred student at WUT. After his last automotive invention with Ferrari, he came back this time in the space industry. Now he works on projects with The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Read about Adriano Yassin in the latest blog post.

WUT students before the SAE Aero Design competition - a new blog entry

Last year at the Florida competition

They know aircraft design and construction in and out. Soon after many months of hard work, they will travel to the United States to show their latest constructions, gain experience and rewards.

It works to become an entrepreneur! – a new blog entry

Konrad Pawlak is a 23-year-old graduate from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Warsaw University of Technology. In the latest blog post, he talks about how to be enterprising, where to get inspiration and motivation to work.

WUT in the QS International Rankings by Subject 2018

The Warsaw University of Technology has been classified in the first place in Poland in its key area (Engineering & Technology) in the QS Rankings by Subject. WUT also took second place in Natural Sciences in our country.

PW-Sat2 on the home straight before the flight into space

The start in this year

Students are building a motorcycle for an international competition

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Next European Young Engineers Conference in April

In the beginning, they have an idea to create such an event during which young scientists will be able to present themselves without much experience and a lot of publications on the account. Now the European Young Engineers Conference is a recognized brand. This year, the conference will be held for the seventh time, from 23 to 25 April 2018.

WUT joined the scientific consortium Pol-Stor-En

- Electric mobility and battery manufacturing in Europe can only be enabled through cooperation between three sectors: the government, the science and the business - said Minister of Energy, Krzysztof Tchórzewski, during an event celebrating the formation of the scientific consortium Pol-Stor-En by seven scientific entities. The Warsaw University of Technology is the Consortium Leader.

3 quick questions to Harikrishnan - new blog entry

Are you a new incoming international student at WUT? We want help you to adapt to a new situation. In our new blog series, we ask our foreign students 3 quick questions what kind of tips they could give someone who just came here.