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From January 2014, the program "Lifelong Learning Programme"(LLP Erasmus) is replaced by Erasmus+. 2013/2014 is the last academic year of the Lifelong Learning Programme. Its actions are now continued within the Erasmus+ Programme.

Erasmus+ is a new student exchange program which aims to boost skills and employability, as well as modernising Education, Training, and Youth work for 2014-2020. Erasmus+ sustains the tradition of the Erasmus Programme mobility. This program gives students opportunities to develop their skills and boost their employment prospects.

The fields of education, training, youth and sport can make a major contribution to help tackle the key challenges that Europe is facing both now and in the next decade.

Fighting rising levels of unemployment - particularly among young people - has become one of the most urgent- tasks for European governments. Too many young people leave school prematurely and run a high risk of being unemployed. The same risk threatens the high number of adult workers with low skills. Strong and well-performing Education, Training and Youth systems can help deal with these challenges by providing citizens with the skills required by the labour market and a competitive economy.


In order to be accepted as a ERASMUS exchange student, you must be a student of a partner university which has signed a ERASMUS Bilateral Agreement with Warsaw University of Technology. 

After receiving a nomination at your home university you’re required to prepare special forms which are available on the website of the Centre for International Cooperation.

All other required documents are available from the local Erasmus+ coordinators.


Ms. Agnieszka Bursztyńska (coordinator)


Room L6, staircase B, 6th floor, Office Building

telephone: +48 22 234 7404, +48 22 234 5115
fax: +48 22 629 80 09

Erasmus Student Network

Erasmus Student Network is an international organization which helps and supports foreign students being on Erasmus exchange and informs local students about the Erasmus exchange programme.

At the WUT its section is called ESN PW and was established in 2007.

There are 20-30 ESN PW management members, many of them are ex-Erasmus students.

They are always ready to help and do their best to make students' stay in Warsaw the most memorable time of their lives.