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Business as usual. No additional restrictions; basic principles of occupational health and safety apply.

Limited operations. Additional safety measures apply; hybrid teaching; on-campus work.

Severely limited operations. Stricter safety measures apply; remote teaching and on-campus or remote work.

The University operates remotely, with the exception of the units necessary to ensure business continuity. Maximum safety precautions apply.

NEW Rector's Notice No. 2/2021 of 7 September 2021 regarding the predicted mode of teaching in the winter semester

Rector's Notice No. 1/2021 of 1 July 2021 in view of lower risk related to the COVID-19 epidemic 

Rector's Regulation No. 58/2021 of 30 June 2021 amending Rector's Regulation No. 104/2020 on the functioning of the Warsaw University of Technology during the COVID-19 epidemic

Rector's Regulation No. 40/2021 of 17 May 2021 on the procedures for the summer and autumn examination periods

Please submit information regarding confirmed coronavirus infections or quarantine to: powiadomienia@pw.edu.pl