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International master with scholarship

JEMARO stands for Japan-Europe Master on Advanced Robotics. The specificity of this program is to enable each of its students to study both in Europe (first year of the studies) and in Japan (second year of the studies).

The JEMARO Master's programme is  a high-quality educational offer in the area of advanced and intelligent robotics. By mastering Mathematical Modeling, Control Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Design, students are able to deal with robotic systems as a whole.

Through lectures by reputable researchers, practical work on the latest experimental platforms, sessions with industrial specialists, annual workshops, JEMARO students acquire the most advanced knowledge that will prepare them for the upcoming challenges in robotics, more specifically in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Warsaw University of Technology is one of 3 European Unibversities running this program.

To the best applicants are offered the scholarships covering the tuition fee and  whole living costs including travel.

For the details please check: https://jemaro.ec-nantes.fr/about/

The local chair of EMARO  at Warsaw University of Technology is Prof. Teresa Zielińska.