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WUT Development Program

Warsaw University of Technology Development Programme (PR PW) is a project co-financed by the European Union within the European Social Fund (Operational Programme Human Capital sub-measure 4.1.1 – Strengthening and Development of the Didactic Potential of Universities).

The main aim of the project is to improve the quality of education and to adapt the offer of Warsaw University of Technology to the needs of the job market. The aim is realised by actions such as:

  • Modification of study curricula and teaching contents, and launching new fields of study and specialisations, including the development of studies with English as the language of instruction;
  • Complementary Classes for First-Year Students in Mathematics and Physics;
  • Development of techniques and Methods of Distance Learning;
  • Development of the University’s Educational Offer;
  • Long-term Student Placements;
  • Scholarship Schemes;
  • Development of the Careers’ Office;
  • Courses, Trainings, Consultations.

Most activities are aimed at students and Ph.D. students, some at the University staff and people from outside the academic community.

The whole project covers 56 tasks, the realisation of which has been planned for the period from September 2008 to March 2015 and its total value is over 89 million PLN.

Warsaw University of Technology Development Programme is a comprehensive project, the long-term activities of which are a response to the needs of the University, in particular to the changes in the job market. The scale of the project and the number of tasks completed make it stand out against similar projects. Also the value of the project and the final number of people supported, 21 thousand participants, shows its position.



e-mail: prpw@pr.pw.edu.pl