Znak Politechniki Warszawskiej

WUT Distance-Learning Centre – OKNO PW

Founded in: 2000

Fields of study and modes of study taught via the Internet:

E-learning, i.e. facilitation of teaching with the use of personal computers and the Internet, allows to participate in classes without the need to be physically present in the lecture room. It is a type of distance learning, flexible learning, which is an interesting complementation of traditional lectures.

Fields and modes of study taught via the internet at Warsaw University of Technology include:

  • four-year B.Sc. study in the fields of study
    • Information Technology (Faculty of Electrical Engineering)
    • Electronics and Telecommunications (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology)
  • Automation and Robotics (Faculty of Mechatronics).
  • two-year M.Sc. study in the field of study Information Technology (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology and Faculty of Electrical Engineering).
  • one-year postgraduate study on ”Information technology and Internet techniques”.

The WUT Distance-Learning Centre OKNO offers a number of courses and sessions in accordance with the programme requirements of the faculties and chosen specialisations. The offer may be used in a number of ways.

  • One may become a regular student of B.Sc. or M.Sc. extra-mural study of Warsaw University of Technology and be awarded a B.Sc. or M.Sc. diploma upon passing courses.
  • One may study chosen subjects only or groups of subjects from a given year of study in the option for short-term students.
  • One may become a postgraduate student and be awarded a diploma of completion of postgraduate study in a chosen specialisation upon passing courses foreseen in the study programme.

When studying a subject students have contact with the lecturer via an education portal and during office hours at the university. OKNO PW prepares teaching aids which allow to acquire the knowledge in an effective way during the student’s individual work. These aids include multimedia coursebooks collected in the public WUT reading room and IBUK.pl, as well as remote laboratories which enable to conduct virtual experiments.

Knowledge available always and everywhere is no longer a dream but a natural consequence of technological and sociological changes. Today we still talk about e-learning, in near future we will be talking about u-learning (ubiquitous learning).   

e-mail: inzynierskie@okno.pw.edu.pl,