Znak Politechniki Warszawskiej

Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering

Founded in: 1953


prof. Stanisław Radkowski, Ph.D., D.Sc.



Andrzej Wąsiewski, PhD

prof. Witold Marowski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

prof. Robert Zalewski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

prof. Piotr Przybyłowicz, Ph.D., D.Sc.


  • Institute of Construction Machinery Engineering
    • Division of Construction Machinery
    • Division of Hybrid Drives
    • Division of Short-Distance Transport
  • Institute of Machine Design Fundamentals
    • Division of Mechanics
    • Division of Fundamentals of Machine Design and Maintenance
    • Division of Manufacturing Techniques
    • Division of Computer Techniques
  • Institute of Vehicles
  • Division of Automobiles
  • Division of Combustion Engines
  • Division of Rail Vehicles
  • Division of Tractors and Hydraulic Drives
  • Integrated Laboratory of Mechatronic Systems of Vehicles and Construction Machinery



Fields and modes of study

Field of study Full-time study Part-time study
First-cycle Second-cycle Third-cycle First-cycle Second-cycle Third-cycle
Mechanics and Machine Design x x   x x  
Mechatronics x x   x x  
Technical and IT Education  x          
Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering          
Machine Design and Maintenance     x    

(also with English as the language of instruction)



(also with English as the language of instruction)


Main scope of research:

Theory and construction of road and railway vehicles; Chassis; Hybrid drives; Vehicle movement dynamics; Drive system dynamics; Laboratory and road studies of vehicles; Technical safety and road traffic safety; Vibration and noise damping; Diagnostics of machine technical condition; Vehicle diagnostics; Computer simulations; Fatigue mechanics; Theory and application of intelligent materials; Friction phenomena modelling; Mechatronics; Environmental protection; Ergonomics; Automation and robotisation of building machines and cranes; Transport systems; Alternative sources of energy; Combustion engines; Knowledge-based design.



02-524 Warsaw, ul. Narbutta 84
tel. 22 849 0534, 22 234 8435
e-mail: dziekanat@simr.pw.edu.pl