Znak Politechniki Warszawskiej

College of Economics and Social Sciences (Plock)

Founded in: 1995


Renata Walczak, PhD, DSc

Deputy Directors

Barbara Felic, Ph.D.
Marlena Piekut, Ph.D.


Fields and modes of study

Field of study Full-time study Part-time study
First-cycle Second-cycle Third-cycle First-cycle Second-cycle
Economics      x  


Main scope of research:

Entrepreneurship and innovation of small and medium-size companies; Liquidity management in companies; Financing principles of Polish hospitals; Job market analysis, Markov chains in market analysis; Internet technology in management and facilitation of the didactic process in schools and education institutions; Process management in companies; Rural development and agricultural policy; analysis of agricultural products market; Process optimisation in agricultural production companies; Analysis of changes in the purchasing power of households.



09-400 Płock, ul. Łukasiewicza 17
tel. 24 262 90 08
e-mail: knes@pw.plock.pl