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Students during a lesson

The conference will be led by Gareth Thomas, Business Development Director at MathWorks.

MATLAB Day will take place on the last Friday of the month, on October 27 at the Warsaw University of Technology. During the meeting will be presented the possibilities of the MATLAB® and Simulink® programs.

The conference will be led by Gareth Thomas, Business Development Director at MathWorks, who will show how engineers and scientists can combine elements from MATLAB® and Simulink® to create stand-alone technologies in their products and services. Gareth will also program an Arduino during the presentation to illustrate how easy it can be highlighting the resources already available to everybody.


10:00 -11:30 – meeting for lecturers

The lecture: "Accelerating the Pace Engineering and Science", Gareth Thomas from MathWorks, after: Questions&Anwers

12:30 -15:45 (14:00-14:15 coffe break) – a lecture for students led by Gareth Thomas

First lecture:

  • What is MATLAB and Simulink?
  • Share examples of how MATLAB is Used in Industry
  • Machine Learning Hands on Example

Second lecture:

  • Talk on from Hyperloop Team about how they used MATLAB?
  • Programming Arduino with MATLAB
  • Resources available to get started

About Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas is the Business Development Manager at MathWorks focusing on Academic Business. He believes the best way to accelerate the pace of engineering and science is partnering, empowering  and working with Universities around the world.

Gareth studied at Instituto Superior Tecnico and has a M.Sc. in control engineering, where he specialized in Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Vehicles. Before joining the MathWorks he worked at Nokia Siemens/Altran (Portugal) as a software developer and Oceanscan (Scotland) as a System Integrator.